UoB Tri Calendar

BUCS Duathlon 2016

UoB Triathlon Events and Races 2017/18:

We have a lot planned for this academic year and we are thrilled to have you on board with us!

Check this page frequently to watch dates

August 2017

summer break

February 2018


September 2017

Sports Fair; Wedneday 20th

Taster Week; 25th Sept – 01st Oct

March 2018

Beginning of March: BUCS Biathlon

GoTri Triathlon (tbc)

Last week of March: Warm Weather Training Camp

October 2017

Moorgreen Duathlon

Birmingham Half

Manchester Relays

April 2018

Beginning of April: Nottingham Varsity Triathlon

End of April: BUCS Sprint Triathlon

November 2017

BUCS Duathlon

GoTri (tbc)

Training Camp over a weekend (tbc)

May 2018

Mid-May: BUCS Olympic Triathlon

December 2017

Splash and Dash

Christmas Ball and Dinner


June 2018

24h Relay (tbc)