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How to Join a Sports Club

I want something new in my life. I want to do something fun and active where I’ll make friends

that will last a lifetime.

Sounds like you want to join a sports club!

Sport? Isn’t that just for the elite?

Not on your nelly. We have 53 different sports that cater for complete beginners alongside

seasoned pros. Birmingham has a great reputation for excelling in sport which simply means that we

have the right people available to welcome you on your sporting journey, no matter what level you

begin at. You can find out about all of the different clubs by going to UoB Sport

or by coming along to Sports Fair (Wed 20 Sept 2017).

I’m sold, how do I sign up?

You’ve got two choices: sign up online or pay at Sport and Fitness Reception .

Online? You mean I can pay while sat at home in my onesie?

With a connected device you can sign up anywhere! Go to and

enter your university email and PIN, then login. Select ‘memberships’ from the top menu and then

click on the ‘purchase a new membership button’. Choose your club and you’re good to go.

Hold on, I have a PIN!?

Yep! If you don’t know it then request it by selecting the ‘Forgotten Pin’ link. Then enter your

university email address and choose ‘Request Pin’, which will be emailed instantly.

And if I want to pay in person?

If you’re craving that personal touch then pop along to the Sport and Fitness Centre reception and

speak to one of our delightful staff members who will be able to take a cash or card payment. No

cheques can be accepted, sorry.

What is the Club Development Fee?

This fee (£15), most importantly, covers personal sporting injury insurance, and is provided by Endsleigh.

Should you sustain an injury then we can help you recoup costs relating to aspects such as travel

expenses or permanent disablement. Your club committee will be able to provide you with details.

What are the other benefits?

We’re committed to giving our students the best sporting experience possible. Because of that

there are a number of additional sessions put on by the High Performance Centre that are free to

attend for paid members of a sports club. These include yoga, circuits and recovery sessions

alongside triage (physio assessments) and workshops on topics such as nutrition and psychology. For

all the details join the ‘Hi Performance Centre Facebook’ group.

That all sounds incredible. I can’t wait to start!

Me either. I’m so proud of us.



Members who really want to excel and improve

For those wanting to improve at a fast pace, and want to put large amounts of energy in to their sporting abilities, there is an opportunity to try out for the squad at the start of each term and for newcomers to the club we will do a second chance to try out for the squad once you’ve settled in.

The squad gives those on it the opportunity to have more tailored coaching advice, as well as access to a squad-only strength and conditioning session. This presents a fantastic opportunity for those interested.

If you’re interested, speak to Head Coach Louise or any member of the committee!


Triathlon Student Membership £170
Cycling to Triathlon Top-up £75
Athletics to Triathlon Top-up £70
Swimming to Triathlon Top-up £50
Alumni Triathlon Membership £195
Non-Student Triathlon Membership £195

PLUS £15 ATHLETICS UNION FEE (Only paid once)

Old members: should pay before your first session!
New members: We hope that you like the sound of our club and want to join us! There are taster sessions available at the start of each academic year which allows you to try out the sport before making any sort of commitment, so tag along for a great time with the team. Keep an eye out at the start of the year or come and find us at the Sports Fair in Welcome Week for more information on this!
Payment online: OR at reception in Sport and Fitness


If you have more questions please feel free to contact us